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Urban refurbishment for sustainable rent housing in Kennedy and King district and new residential buildings in Carate Brianza (Mi).

photos / design


Promoted by Carate Brianza municipalità and ALER Monza e Brianza, financed by Regione Lombardia into the urban refurbishment program. Studio Redaelli Speranza was the consultant for the entire program, both for social and economical aspect and urbanistic and architectural choises.
The project coordinated the whole PRU; general masterplan urbanization works for district refurbishment; preliminary project of two new buildings and refurbishment of an ALER building, and two new municipal building. Altogether 46 flats with social rent.
PRU introduces various social mixes in the most socially bilghted part, the Kennedy district, and sets the new buildings in the more qualified zone, King district, into a big garden, like housing pavillions between the exsisiting buildings and the renewed public space (a social-sustainable choice).
Their volumes – three floors – alternate openings and loggias digged in the dark brown plaster parallelepiped, integrated in the surrounding nature and opening flats to landscape. Social housing building typologies were experimented, innovative form as handicap-accessibile flat or family and elderly person coexisting flat.

Carate, Brianza, Milano

Studio Redaelli Speranza architetti associati, Milano
Gaia Redaelli, Vito Redaelli, Anna Speranza

ALER Monza, Comune di Carate

design team
Paolo Furlanis, Omar Sala

design phase