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Land-use planning for the General Development Plan of Gorgonzola (PGT)

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In the frame of the variation of the Municipality’s general development plan, SRSARCH looked after the design for the land-use component. The starting point for us was the experimentation of a real interaction between urban and landscape policies, together with the Urban development office and a multidisciplinary team. We chose a cross-approach, related to the notion of “landscape” derived from the European Landscape Convention. We believe that establishing a virtuous interaction between the city and the countryside, the two realities can strengthen each other. For us this was intended as a key for the development of the city on a wider scale. Moreover, the experimentation aims to valorize transversally the peculiar and rich characteristics of the geographical context: from the Valley of the Molgora stream to the “Northern areas”; from the Martesana’s canal to the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano; the parks of regional interest alongside the MM2 metro line and its 3 stops; from the urban farmstead to the garden-city of the historic center. The land-use component manages to reflect the quality of all this locations. The General development plan is enforced since December 2017 and approved since april 2018.

Municipality of Gorgonzola (MI)

Studio Redaelli Speranza architetti associati, Milan
Anna Speranza, Gaia Redaelli, Vito Redaelli
Massimo Rossati (urban planner)

Municipality of Gorgonzola (MI)

project team and Urban development office
Urban development office: arch.M.Agresta con M.Leanza, T.Ronchi, S.Saloriani, D.Sirmoni, R.Zucca
General plan designer: arch.Matteo Mai
VAS: N.Q.A. srl (Luca Bisogni, Davide Bassi)
Partecipatory process: Centro Studi P.I.M (F.Boeri)
Economic/ demographic component: Politecnico di Milano (R. Camagni)
Geological component: Coop REA impresa sociale (D.D’Alessio, A.Gentilini)
Legislation simplification: S.Cozzolino
Piano dei tempi e degli Orari: Centro Studi ALSPES (D.Dosa, L.Penatti)
Plan for the cycle network: Masterplan Studio (F.Acuto)

design phase