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Architectonical and landscape restoration of the downhill path to the Adda river,Trezzo sull’Adda (MI)

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The project deals with the reactivation of a downhill path, which starts in the city-center, passes though via Valverde e via prof. Pozzone and arrives in the towpath of the Adda River, historical location of the city’s harbour. It is an extraordinary monument/landscape, build in the middle ‘800 and composed of a ramps’ system that goes alongside the Castello Visconteo to the river. Hinge point between one of the most important Milanese castle and the beautiful landscape alongside the river Adda, the path establishes an ideal bond between city and nature. We committed to a simple, elegant and non-invasive strategy: a contemporary reactivation of the historical, cultural and landscape heritage. The challenge was to find the right balance between protection and enhancement strategies. The starting point at the top, from the city center, became an urban space, an overlook on the Adda’s valley. It was equipped with informative Corten-steel totem, which aim to lead the visitors’ eye. The extraordinary historical railing, made of Ceppo stone’s blocks, was secured with a corten-steel railing put against it Integrated with the railing, there are punctual informative-panels, to illustrate to the visitor the characteristics of the location. The flooring is in ornamental concrete, enriched with Ceppo stones’ aggregates, and small Corten-steel profiles to mark discretely its changes. In the first months on 2016, we started the constructions in the first parcel. In 2017 it was completed the second parcel and the third one needs still to be concluded with flooring and ramps.

Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda(MI)

Studio Redaelli Speranza architetti associati, Milan
Anna Speranza, Gaia Redaelli, Vito Redaelli
Giovanni Franchi - AMiS AgenziaMilanoStrutture s.r.l. (structural design)
Ing. Paolo Zanchi (structural design and security management)

Municipality of Trezzo sull'Adda(MI)

design team
Fabiola Quieti, Elena Seghezzi, Ilaria Giacco

design phase
2014 - ongoing