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Feasibility study for “Corso Lodi XXII-Marzo” in Milan



Milan municipality choose in 2002 ten urban areas located into paticular districs of the city to refurbish environmentally, restricting traffic.
Is it possible to generate urban design starting from a sector-based rule of the highway code? That was the aim of the project, to refurbish the district embraced by corso Lodi, corso XXII Marzo, viale Montenero and viale Umbria,experimentally organized by municipality's traffic department and assigned by appointment competition to the multidisciplinary team (architects, engeneers, landscape designers) leaded by Studio Redaelli Speranza.
The project identifies three types of intervention connected one another: street network rationalization, in order to limit crossings without origin or destination inside the district, especially near schools, historical places, etc.; a car parking strategy for a typical critical situation in Milan: car parking in no-parking areas (as pathwalks, public spaces...); identifying high quality zones which could become meeting places.


Studio Redaelli Speranza architetti associati, Milan
Gaia Redaelli, Vito Redaelli, Anna Speranza with Società Edera srl, Teresa Figuieredo Marques landscape desing, arch.Jacopo Pellegrini

Agenzia Milanese Mobilità e Ambiente, Comune di Milano

design team
Carlo Molteni

construction phase
2001- 2002

pubblished in
Comune di Milano, Dieci progetti di Isole Ambientali ,Quaderni di studi e progetti Agenzia Milanese Mobilità Ambiente, Milano