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Refurbishment project with bicycle path, 30 Zone and security measures for urban route formed by via Roma and via Milano, Basiano and Masate (MI)

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The project, winner of a design competition held by the two municipalities in 2007, is to restore the centrality of urban and landscape quality at a city street located between the two historical towns of Basiano and Masate. Both cities, in fact, have been developed in recent decades along this route functional, without any attention to the quality of its landscape values. The principle of the project is to synthesize a functional improvement of the urban street at the same time to a recovery environment and landscape in the city. First, it establishes the need to balance and secure vehicular paths, with the enlargement of the sidewalks and the identification of a cycle route complementing existing partial networks in both towns. Secondly, it is proposed that the major sites of the city along this urban street can become new urban quality. So, in front of the town of Basiano, the road widens to become the public space of representation of the institutions and that, in the intersection with the road, becomes an opportunity to bring into the city the signs of the rural landscape of Pianura Padana. The project also provides for the establishment of a new lighting system, developed entirely with LED technology. In this way it is sought to experience a low power solution for the urban space.

Basiano and Masate, Milan

Studio Redaelli Speranza architetti associati, Milano
Gaia Redaelli, Vito Redaelli, Anna Speranza

Comune di Basiano

design team
Paolo Furlanis

design phase